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What We Do

We assist our clients with identifying the limiting beliefs which have stopped and blocked them from maxing out in their goals and pursuits. Our services is based on the premise that you must address the limitations that cause hinderance, blockages and cycles of unproductivity. 

Our mission is helping our clients move past hurdles, fear, procrastination, and many other unproductive behaviors enabling them to reach the apex of their goals and personal success.Ivy’s Dream provides instructive practices and tools that help families as well as individuals to become more capable and empowered when navigating to and through the best possible outcomes for their future. 

On the road to meeting a student’s needs, families must go through an exhaustive process involving complicated policies, convoluted lingo, and numerous documents. 

Parents trying to navigate this process may benefit from the help of Ivy’s Dream, LLC.Our CEO and Founder, Ivy Price-Ware, and her team of experts can help educate and advise parents seeking support for their children. Ivy’s Dream, LLC plays a vital role in helping families know their rights and get the services that will allow their children to succeed.

Services and Resources