Curriculum Writing / Alignment

Curriculum Writing

We develop and help implement new academic instructional materials, lessons, and activities for teachers and institutions to use in their classrooms. We research educational trends and techniques to determine what are the best ways to instruct your students; and then develop a new unique curriculum that institutes those methods.

Our services are designed to also include reviewing your current instructional materials and help to improve or change the instruction to align with guidelines set by the company, school district, or state educational board.

We provide service and support for public school districts, educational non-profits, and online educational start-ups.


When walking through classrooms, effective administrators like to see content consistency within and between grade levels. Teachers embrace a curriculum that is:

- Effective for all students
- Manageable to cover all grade-level specific content within a school year
- Easily implemented during the school day

This was a difficult task for a writing curriculum, until now. Ivy’s Dream Curriculum Developers will help you to observe consistent writing instruction throughout your school because Ivy’s supports teachers in delivering effective writing instruction that students love.


We partner with new teachers to the most seasoned teachers to review curriculum and most don’t realize the extent of the benefits that exist by having a comprehensive writing curriculum as we provide. Typically, they understand that when it comes to a solid writing curriculum, aligning standards across grades, vertical alignment, is just as important as aligning standards within a year at each grade, horizontal alignment. Standards that are aligned within a grade ensure that instruction is appropriately sequenced over a school year.


With proper horizontal alignment, the curriculum is designed so that students master the year’s standards by the end of the school year. Standards that are aligned across grade levels help eliminate instructional gaps between the years. Vertical alignment makes it so that what students learn in one grade level provides the foundation for what they will learn in the next.


We help you implement a coherent writing curriculum that helps prevent achievement gaps and allows the current teacher and students to pick up where the previous year’s content left off.